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5 Things to Quit Doing to Find Amazing Levels of Peace and Happiness

1. Quit spending money on unnecessary things - and WAY more things fall into that category than we might think. We only need a tenth of what we think we need because we buy a lot of things out of boredom. If we buy things when we're at a loose end it's fairly certain we don't really need them. We just think we do and we end up overspending. On things we don't need, crazy right? Books we don't read, courses we don't have time for, clothes we have no room in our already overfilled wardrobe for. More and more things to add to our already over-packed schedule and ever-growing To Do list.
2. Quit feeling bored and find something better to do with your time. For me, it's writing the book I've been threatening to write for years....instead of buying books about it I take action, because the only way to do it IS to do it. Not think about it, wonder about it, analyse the possibility of it. No....just do it.
3. Quit procrastinating.....with everything, but mostly analysing what our life purpose is. Our purpose is to pick one thing, focus on it and do it to the best of our ability. Once that's done we can move onto the next thing. If we start ten things at once there's a chance none will get done and we'll lose interest in all of them.
4. Quit trying to convince ourselves we have to be someone different to who we really are. More than I am now, better than I am now, more qualified than I am now. Who we are is enough, we are not broken and we don't need fixing. We all know this but sometimes we forget.
5. Quit feeling not good enough - says who? By whose standards are we judging ourselves anyway? Last time I looked there are no perfect people, we're just trying to do our best with the knowledge we have at the time, which makes us all equal. Different but equal.

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